Amazon Bestselling Author and Mastermind Setup Certificate Program

Amazon Bestselling Author and Mastermind Setup Certificate Program

  • $19,500 for this program to be an Amazon Bestselling Author and have the tools and approach to deliver your online mastermind.
  • You focus on your CPoP (Customer Point of Pain) and we ghostwrite your book after a 3-hour interview.
  • Your book is formatted, and distributed in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, PDF, audiobook & AHAbook formats in 50+ locations.
  • As an Amazon bestselling author, you will learn how to structure, price, market, and sell your own mastermind.
  • Lifetime access to 40+ mastermind videos and worksheets.


Course Curriculum

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Ronan Leonard is the Founder of Eccountability, an author, business mentor, and speaker. He helps overwhelmed and frustrated owners grow their businesses fast. For Ronan, being part of a mastermind group is a win-win situation, where every member is given the opportunity to learn new ideas and use these ideas to grow their businesses.
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Mitchell Levy is the Global Credibility Expert, the AHA Guy at AHAthat, and CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha. He and his team make it easy for experts to have an Amazon Bestselling book demonstrating their credibility to solve the CPoP (Customer Point of Pain) of their target audience.
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